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I’ve been off work since the 15th. It’s the first time that my holiday vacation a) starts a week earlier than for most people, and b) is booked way in advance (back in January!). I remember really having to convince myself to do it, but I’m glad I did. I liked this line from an article I read recently on “rest”:

rest is when you’re not associating your self-worth with what you have to do next.

The Riddle of Rest

It resonates with me, because to rest I really need to have few/no plans or expectations, which is not possible for things that are tied to my self-worth! I’ve spent the last week just getting to the point where I feel like I’m starting to relax. When I’m less stressed I can tap into my innate curiosity and my artistic side. That side is tiny and very much underdeveloped, but when I’m rested developing it feels fun and fulfilling, and not like an insurmountable challenge.

I’ve enjoyed diving more into music lately, specifically theory and production. I played piano as a kid, but a) I didn’t learn very much theory, and b) it was a chore that I was made to do rather than something I sought for myself. Music in general was either work or a luxury, which messed up my relationship with it. I’m slowly rediscovering how to engage with it in a healthy, playful, supportive way. After attempting to learn guitar a few times since my parents gifted me one on my 18th birthday, the last attempt—at the start of the pandemic and aided by Yousician—seems to have stuck. I still have structure, but I don’t have to perform for anyone but myself, which is incredibly liberating.

I picked up an Arturia Minilab 3 last week. It’s small enough to keep on my desk, so I’m hoping that even if my motivation waxes and wanes, at least the ability and prompt are easy and frequent enough to keep me learning and experimenting. I watched Taetro’s music theory for producers Youtube course, which was I enjoyed as it was simple enough that I could follow without getting overwhelmed. Also signed up for a more in-depth course on Udemy. We’ll see how that goes.

Arturia Minilab 3 (black)


  • Got my first tooth onlay put in. The temp one broke apart about a week before the procedure, but apart from hot/cold sensitivity going a week with essentially half a tooth was tolerable.
  • Still playing God of War.
  • Pushed a few updates to my Mastodon on Oracle Cloud repo to support upstream patches (such as to increase feed length) and bump the sidekiq threads (needed if connecting to relays, which I did this week).
  • Watched pretty much all Orba-related videos by Artiphon. They’re entertaining even if you don’t care about the hardware.
  • Went down a rabbit-hole learning about synthesis via this playlist.
  • Watched Avatar: Way of Water in AVX (first movie since 2019). Visually stunning, but spiritually vacuous. Recycled tropes and stereotypes, forced acting, predictable plot.
    • A fire alarm went off about 2 hours into the ~3 hour movie, so I didn’t get to see how it ends, and to be honest I wasn’t even upset. I got enough of the eye-candy and I couldn’t see myself caring about any of the characters if I hadn’t already by that point.
  • Watched Glass Onion (lovely!) and Triangle of Sadness (entertaining, but kinda pointless)

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