It was a very mixed year. The lack of focus and priorities allowed for trying more new things, helping me learn more about what I find fulfilling, but the constant experimentation also somehow left me feeling unaccomplished in a few areas that matter most. Focus and priorities will be a theme for 2023, but I’m also thankful for 2022, despite its transitory disposition:

  • Started updating this site again. It’s been tough going, especially when I stare at a blank screen, trying to summarize a week where there was both too much happening and nothing at all. I’m hoping that once it’s a habit it’ll get easier. I’ve been scaling down post length and letting go of remembering everything in favour of finishing a post.
  • Discovered DnD. I got really into it at the beginning of the year after watching The Legend of Vox Machina, which prompted me to start watching the original campaign, and even join one online for the first time. While it was a positive experience, I think I’d prefer to play in person, or at least with friends instead of matched-up strangers on This may be something I set aside in 2023.
  • Skateboarding, and surf-skating in particular. Probably the best discovery of the year. While it’s not a very effective way of transportation, the flow of movement is incredible. Unfortunately, also very season- and weather-dependent.
  • Discovering ADHD resources. My self-assessment is definitive, but I wish I had actually pursued a clinical diagnosis this year. Still, the various articles and podcasts on the subject have been helpful to explain and destigmatize some of my behavioural patterns and suggest some new coping mechanisms. I foresee this being a health priority in 2023.
  • Running a half-marathon. Running is therapeutic mentally, but punishing physically. I’m glad I hit this goal, but I doubt I’ll push the distance in 2023.
  • Music. I constantly deprioritize it, but it’s pretty important to me! Doubling down here next year.
  • Climbing in Red Rocks. Only the second international trip since 2019. It was a rich and fulfilling experience. I don’t chase the grades anymore, and enjoy the activity all the more for it.
  • Automation and self-hosting. I keep meaning to post more about this. I converted an old gaming PC into an Unraid NAS early in the year, set up a bunch of automations using n8n (running on a small OVH VPS), and started self-hosting Mastodon on OCI. These projects were both useful and fulfilling, and also somewhat distracting from the more important things I could’ve been doing with my free time.
  • Somatic Abolitionism. I’m only dipping my toe into the work, but it’s been rewarding already. Will be investing more here for sure.

I haven’t quite sorted out my priorities for 2023 yet. I’m ok with this! I used to really stress out about not getting things done in time, but that’s never actually helped, so I’m learning not to force it. I do want to be more organized and intentional about my priorities this year, though. I know I’m gonna need to lean on tools and brain hacks to counteract my impulsivity and inattentiveness (thx ADHD). Physical, emotional, and financial health are gonna be high on the list. That’s all I know for now. I think 2023 is gonna be tough, but in a good way. I feel less avoidant and more capable than ever. Add a bit of gumption and I believe positive shifts are possible and likely.

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