It happened sooner than I expected, but this is the week that I just don’t have the spoons to write this post. It was a tough one at work. Nothing terrible happened, but the grind had me manifesting burnout symptoms, which required tending to on the weekend. I’m going to leave here a few links that I appreciated this week:

  • Winnie Lim‘s entire site. I love how vulnerable and honest she gets with the audience. It’s something I’m still figuring out for myself, and it’s nice to have a site that models the opposite of the “detached” mainstream. I’ve been thinking about “slowness” lately, so tending to my garden resonated.
  • Official myths by Mandy Brown. I appreciate the nuance in Mandy’s writing on remote work and the centering of local communities in her advocacy.
  • I stumbled upon DevOps Topologies and it got me thinking about the kind that my own workplace implements. I’m grateful that this resource is on the web for free.
  • On the tooling side, I’m thankful for the authors who put the work into making Goaccess. It’s a lovely tool that analyzes access logs locally and outputs reports. It focuses on one thing and does it really well.

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