Sunset over a snowy field with train station in the distance

Shoutout to the sweet elderly couple who mistook me for a bear on my lunch run (the lady shrieked) for the title of this post. I never thought this would be how I become a danger to my community, but here we are.

✍️ Journaling

The two-weeks-old experiment of journaling daily in Day One has been going well. The biggest benefit so far is I feel less stressed about making posts like this one complete (and y’all will thankfully be spared the TMI). I keep the Day One entries mostly bullet-point and fact-based, which removes a lot of the pressure of Writing a Proper Journal Entry which means I actually write things down. Sometimes they start short, but then I start dumping unprocessed feelings and *blink* an hour’s gone and I have two thousand words down, whoops. Is this … journaling? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ¦‹

Anyway, I’m enjoying it so far. Not that I haven’t had proof of this already, but it tells me again that for a habit to stick I need it to be 1) easy to initiate and 2) low pressure. Speaking of habits…

⏰ Habit Tracking

OK I’m hooked. I get it now. I should’ve been doing this for many years. Loop Habit (Android) is amazing because it doesn’t guilt me with streaks and its UI just gets out of the way.

So far it’s gotten me to read a little bit before starting work in the morning, meditate more, and rotate LastPass passwords (mostly) daily.

πŸ“Ί Watched

  • Finished Harry and Meghan. Learned just how bonkers the relationship is between the British tabloids and the Royals. This show seems to have been review-bombed on IMDB, ’cause it’s way better than a 4.8/10.
  • Finished S1 of Formula 1. Despite the *ahem* formulaic structure, still enjoying the soapy drama of rich dudes obsessing over their go karts. Almost done with S2! Raced through this one. πŸ₯
  • 3/4 eps into Meltdown. Recommendation from the Learning from Incidents newsletter. I loved Chernobyl, and this show also satisfies my morbid curiosity about nuclear disasters without subjecting me to the more graphic of their consequences (yet?). I don’t need that trauma. Speaking of trauma,
  • The Last of Us is out! I’ve been psyched for this, so psyched that I started keeping a thread on Masto with my random thoughts about the show as it comes out. “As it comes out”, not “as I watch it”, because you’re damn right I’m watching it at 9:01pm ET every Sunday. I’ve played the game a few times, so know all the major beats, but really enjoying the adaptation and the accompanying podcasts. Glad that C is along for this soulful sufferfest too.
  • The Climb. I “lost a little respect there” for Chris Sharma, the main host of the show, just as he uttered that phrase to a competitor who was just being safe and pragmatic and following the rules instead of living some unspoken pro climber ideal. I generally dislike the Survivor format, but did see myself in the mental struggles of some of the competitors (❀️ Tiffany + Maisa). It’s totally casual/recreational for me, but I’m too close to the sport to quit watching. Venga!

πŸ“– Reading