TL;DR Follow the instructions on When you join Mastodon you lend trust to whoever runs your server, including trust that they moderate the content, keep the service well-maintained, and back up its data. This is easy if you know the people running it! If no one in your friends/family group is running a server […]

I learned about difftastic today, which aims to show differences between files while being aware of the underlying programming language used in said files (if any). It’s basically magic when it works! I generally like the built-in diff in the JetBrains suite of IDEs. The one I use these days is GoLand, but I believe […]

[Edit 2023-05-21] This seems to have been fixed by Cloudflare silently at some point. I was trying to add this site to Indieweb ring last night and found that it couldn’t validate the presence of the previous/next links, even though they were clearly in the footer of every page. I cleared the WordPress and Cloudflare […]

I got an M1 mac at work recently and hit a strange issue trying to run the Goland debugger: Error running ‘<my test>’: Debugging programs compiled with go version go1.17.8 darwin/amd64 is not supported. Use go sdk for darwin/arm64. Wait, amd64? I had installed the arm64 go package after the switch to M1, so why […]

In re-reading The Wrong Abstraction recently, I’ve realized that while we often talk about code being an artifact of production, it often functions more as a decision log. In her post Sandi writes about how the Sunk Cost Fallacy plays into the hesitation we as developers feel when encountering perplexing abstractions. Part of the recommendation […]

Another goodie from InfoQ Engineering Culture podcast: CA Agile Leaders on the Using Data and Creating a Safe Environment to Drive Strategy. Some quick notes + insights: Biweekly status reports don’t really mean anything. Progress is shown with real data: stories/tasks moving to Done (based on the agreed Definition of Done). This data is critical. Executives […]